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What we stand for

We believe in putting people before profits, obviously a business has to make money or otherwise we couldn’t offer you a service, but we try to do everything we can to look after our customers.

Just one of the many benefits of NOT being a bank.

What we do

NBFI Secured Investments Ltd (Formerly Anglesey Secured Investments Ltd) primarily manages investment funds and provides secure lending services. We make it a point to personally know all our customers allowing us to provide a better service and ensure that our investors funds are as secure as possible.

Why we do it

We are extremely passionate about helping people, especially when they need it the most. We want to help people make the most from their hard earned funds while keeping them as secure possible. And when people fall on hard times, provide them the support they need and not just charge them late fees. We’ll be there to make a difference when our customers need us the most.

COVID-19 Response


Anglesey and COVID-19 360.76 KB 87 downloads


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